Introducing Art Life by ART AID

by Christopher Skyner on April 03, 2023

We have taken on our biggest project to date with award winning Indonesian NGO, Bali Life Foundation.

Through this partnership, we are building a school for 100 disadvantaged children living in the slums of Denpasar, Bali, helping to break the cycle of generational poverty through free education.

Over the next three months, we are working with artists to raise $60,000 to achieve this.


Currently, 20 million people in Indonesia are unable to read and write with no access to education due to poverty. Over 10,000 children live in the streets of Indonesia, not to mention adults and the elderly. 

Together with Bali Life Foundation, we are building a school to provide free education to local disadvantaged children in Depansar, Bali. 

Our goal is to educate 1000 children in 10 years at this school.

The construction cost of the building is $60,000 AUD, which we plan to raise with the help of artists over the next three months. 

A financial breakdown of the construction costs can be found here [link]. 



Bali Life Foundation is working to eradicate poverty through education and empowerment, giving their beneficiaries “Hope, Dignity and Purpose” to break the generational cycle of poverty.

They currently run:

Children’s home for orphans, Women’s workshops, Several Learning Centres and Kindergartens, Disaster Relief Projects

    "Our approach to solving these issues is unique as we are focused on making a sustainable impact. All of our projects are focused on stopping the cycle of poverty, by giving each child and family in our care a hand up through education and empowerment.

    We are not just giving the fish, but we are giving them the fishing tools, so they can be independent. Indonesian culture is very family-focused, where the support of each other is natural. The flow on effect means generations to come will have every chance of success.”




    Recently, we worked with Australian photographer Marisha Shanti, who travelled to Bali to visit the people and communities Bali Life Foundation are helping.

    Shanti documented a few of the numerous programs Bali Life Foundation are running to improve the lives of local families and children.

    She visited two of Bali Life Foundation's local schools and one of their women's shelters, that are changing lives through the opportunity of education and empowerment.

    The images you are seeing are taken through the lens of Shanti's first-hand experience with the communities Art Life is going to impact.

    Select photographs from Shanti's experience have been launched as limited edition Fine Art Prints for the Art Life Campaign via Art Aid (shop them here).

    100% of the profits raised from these prints will be donated to Bali Life Foundation.