20 'Superstition' by Jeremy Kay

    20 'Superstition' by Jeremy Kay



      Jeremy Kay @jeremy_k_a_y

      With a tantalising and evocative combination of colour, texture and light, the unique works of French-born, Australian based artist Jeremy Kay beckon to a world of wonder and dreamlike surrender. Pushing creative boundaries, his one-of-akind pieces are a fusion of coloured resin and lighting that come alive in the form of three dimensional interactive light boxes.

      As an artist Kay’s philosophy on making art is humbly grounded in his connection to it as a form of meditation and a channel through which he can express his true self, just as his works invite the viewer into an other-worldly meditation of their own.

      Kay has long experienced an innate calling to play within the creative sphere and has brought this to fruition in his career for over a decade, which led him to develop his signature style of resin art.

      Kay now creates from his very own studio built in the tranquil hinterlands of Byron Bay, where he continues to embrace a fluid and everevolving process. Most recently this has given birth to the pieces in his solo exhibition ‘After Hours,’ which celebrates the dual identity of these unique resin artworks – wearing one personality by day and another by night.


      'Superstition' is part of the ‘After Hours’ exhibition. The ‘After Hours’ world is a place where the night takes on a life of its own, washing away any remnants of reality. A euphoric, unusual land to escape to where time disintegrates in the space between knowing anything could happen, and everything is possible.

      The name honours the complex artistic process of Kay’s resin pouring, which requires a series of layers for the final piece to take its illusive form. A layer, then waiting, and after hours, another layer. This delicate dance builds until an amalgamation of texture, and pigment pulls you into its intoxicating coma - each unique piece wearing one personality by day and another at night.

      The After Hours nocturnal transformation is a reminder that the world is full of mysteries waiting to be uncovered, personalities longing to be expressed that only come out after nightfall and that even the most ordinary places can become extraordinary when darkness plays with light and colour. 

      25% of the artwork sales will go to Art Aid, with all profits going to Art Aid's newest charity partner Bali Life Foundation, an organisation dedicated to providing love and care to the disillusioned and underprivileged in Bali. Profits are calculated after covering costs of goods and services.


      Purchased works must be collected at Art Aid, the Rocks, after 27th March 2023, Tuesday - Friday 9am - 4pm. Please provide 3 business days notice for artwork collection, if you require collection outside these times or to organise additional delivery or pick up options at hello@artaid.com.au. For more information please refer to our terms of service.


      Sizing:  126cm x 94cm 
      Medium: Mix media and resin on perspex
      Edition Details: LED backlit natural oak frame